LG LifeBand Touch and HeartRate Earphones

There has always been a market for fitness gadgets. Beginning with mechanical stopwatches, then leading onto digital timers, heart rate monitors, and finally GPS devices, there’s never been a shortage of options for the healthier half of the population. After all, few runners, cyclists, or even power walkers are uninterested in tracking their progress; and now, with the rise of wearable tech, such tracking is becoming increasingly easy.

One example of the new technology is LG’s LifeBand Touch, which combines the faculties of a smart watch with those of a fitness gadget.

For instance, the band (which grips onto the wrist without the use of a strap) is able to connect to a smart phone in order to control music volume, display message notifications, and silence calls, just like a smart watch. Although it also features a “3-axis” accelerometer with the ability to measure acceleration forwards, backwards, and side to side, as well as a built-in altimeter which provides detailed ascent and descent data.


However, the most remarkable aspect of the LifeBand is its accompanying earphones. Dubbed “HeartRate Earphones,” these allow you to listen to music whilst simultaneously giving you an accurate heart rate reading. They do this by incorporating a blood-flow sensor in the right earbud which, it is claimed, is able to measure heart rate just as accurately as more traditional methods without the inconvenience of a chest strap. Whilst similar earphones were first showcased by Intel earlier this year, LG’s version marks the first mass production of the technology.

The band and earphones are currently only available in the US, and are sold separately, although they’re set to come over to the UK in the next few weeks for around £200 for the pair.