Virtual Reality technology is starting to take over. But while it’s infiltrated almost all aspects of modern entertainment in some form another, nobody really knows where the technology will find its feet. One suggestion has been the immersion it can offer to television, particularly when it comes to sport. Well, the future is here as the National Basketball Association has introduced VR live streaming to one NBA game a week, giving users a courtside view of the action.

Live VR Streaming Has Arrived in the NBA

The NBA has partnered up with NextVR, a leading broadcaster of live events in virtual reality, to bring ‘NBA League Pass’ subscribers one game every week of the 2016-17 regular NBA season live, and on-demand, in virtual reality.

At the moment the NBA League Pass costs users in the United States $200 USD a season, as well as the cost of a Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream View headset. But it’s just been announced that viewers can purchase a single game for just $7 from 23rd February. Though, it should be said that NextVR has stated that this is just the ‘introductory price’ for the rest of the current season, so we’d be surprised if the rate doesn’t go up.

While the $200 for the NBA League Pass subscription does sound fairly steep, it’s not actually as bad a deal as it sounds considering there’s over 1,000 games streamed during the course of the season. The NBA also throws in freebies too such as the All-Star Game which was held in New Orleans last weekend.

NBA Virtually Reality Streaming 3

From the change in price, however, it’s clear that NBA fans haven’t been signing up in their droves, but regardless the technology is still exciting for the future. It’s simple to use as well – all that’s needed is a Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream View headset and compatible mobile phone. Download the NextVR app and start watching. Simple.

Whether VR live streaming ever reaches the likes of the Premier League, however, is up for debate. Not only are matters complicated by the incredibly lucrative television rights in the Premier League, the UK has a far bigger tradition of attending live sporting events on a weekly basis than in the US. Quite simply, it remains to be seen whether the appetite among fans exists.

For more information on the NBA’s live VR streaming, head over to the NBA Website to see how it all works.

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