Lonsdale X Lite Training Gloves Review

If the recent Froch vs Groves II fight didn’t captivate your boxing interest, it’s possible that nothing will. What better time to review the new Lonsdale X Lite Training Gloves, part of the new X Lite series that Froch used in his preparation for that devastating knock-out. These gloves are billed as having a durable and lightweight outer shell, great padding and protection along with improved ventilation and moisture control so let’s break those down and see how the gloves performed.


Built to withstand intense training sessions, the training gloves certainly don’t disappoint in this area and after several hard, bag and pad sessions there isn’t a mark on them, they still look absolutely brand new. The details of the ultra strong, lightweight materials used for the outer shell seem to have been kept pretty firmly under wraps and perhaps that is why, they are certainly in better condition than any of our previous gloves.


While it may sound weird that these gloves feel light when they are 16oz and can be compared to other 16oz gloves directly, there is something about them that makes them feel light when worn. Light doesn’t mean to say they are skimping on protection however, the gloves feel tight and compact around the hands and even without wraps, there is plenty of protection when hitting pads. It must be said that we have average size hands and these gloves become extremely tight fitting when worn with wraps so that may be something to look out for if you have larger hands. This coupled with a very roomy (although substantially padded) wrist area makes it a difficult balance to get these gloves fitting perfectly either with or without wraps. The thumb protection and enclosure is great and even with a damaged thumb, there was only mild discomfort when using these gloves for a full session.



The X Lite gloves have a moisture control system with a slit opening on the wrist and mesh on the inner palm and this really does work great when training. It isn’t until you take the gloves off after a session that you actually realise that your hands have been sweating and that is a real testament to the design work involved. Drying the gloves off after a session with a couple of deodoriser’s left in kept them feeling and smelling fresh for the next session without a problem.


These gloves certainly perform well when dissecting the headline features and that makes them a great all round training glove which are comfortable for long sessions with no worries about them showing signs of use. The only gripe for us was the difference in room available around the hands and wrist so with these being at the top end price wise for training gloves with a Velcro fastening, it would definitely be worth trying them on before a purchase.

Being part of the new X Lite series, it is well worth checking out the whole range with boxing and mma gloves, shin guards, head guards and focus mitts all available.

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Price: £47.99