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Martin Aircraft Jetpack

If you’ve got yourself a rather large disposable income and are looking to earmark it for something a little special, we’d like to make a suggestion: Feast your eyes on the Martin Aircraft Jetpack!

Developed over the past 35 years, so this is something they’re serious about, the company has just announced that its first product will go on sale during the second half of 2016.

The jetpack is powered by a 200HP V4 petrol engine that drives two ducted fans for up to 30 minutes of flight time. While the fuel economy is hardly impressive, that’s not a bad session. The company claims that it can carry a payload of up to 265 pounds, reach altitudes of 1,000 meters (roughly 3,000 feet) and hit a top speed of 45mph!

The main chassis is made from a sturdy carbon fibre and aluminium, but if that’s not tough enough for you and you’re a bit worried about safety, you’ll be relieved to know there’s also a parachute built-in for emergencies.

“The Martin Jetpack is a disruptive technology, much like the helicopter was when first developed, with substantial capabilities, and is able to be flown by a pilot or via remote control,” says Martin Aircraft. “The jetpack can take off and land vertically (VTOL) and because of its small dimensions, it can operate in confined spaces such as close to or between buildings, near trees or in confined areas that other VTOL aircraft such as helicopters cannot access.”

But don’t get too ahead yourself and plan your first trip across the cliffs of Dover just yet, all flights will depend on local flight regulations and the Martin Aircraft Jetpack will also set you back rather hefty £95,000.

Obviously the tag price will mean this isn’t going to replace the bicycle just yet, but you can see the potential in it and the other uses it might find. Martin are already suggesting it could find itself in all kinds of situations, including search and rescue.




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