Must-Have Men’s Skiwear Essentials 2019

European ski season is almost upon us! And whether you’re all about the slopes or just the après-ski, you’re going to need to be prepared for snowfall. Hunting for skiwear can sometimes feel a little overwhelming – especially if you’re new to the piste – so we’ve put together some top tips on all the gear you need to think about this ski season.

We should say from the off that buying all your technical skiwear isn’t necessarily an essential. The likes of skis, boots and poles are virtually always available to hire and transporting them over to the ski resort can often be more hassle than its worth. However, if like us you like to use our own gear, here this season’s must-have skiwear essentials!

Men’s Snowboards/Skis 2019

Snowboards/skis can always be rented fairly cheaply, and if you’re new to either sport, we’d strongly suggest you do so. Chances are they’ll take a battering early on in your stellar piste career and you won’t know what style and size you suit unless you test out all the options. But once you’ve perfected your craft and want to start getting comfortable on your own shredders, there are plenty of options out there.

When it comes to skis, Snow+Rock have a great range on offer, but we much prefer a snowboard and we’re a bit in love with Jones. This Jones Flagship model for £559 is the world’s most eco-friendly snowboard. For its 10th anniversary, Jones has given the Flagship an entirely new shape and construction. Utilising a fully directional blunt diamond tapered shape and re-engineered materials, the new Flagship floats better, turns better and rides better.


Men’s Ski Jackets 2019

Though you can probably borrow one off a family member, we think a high quality ski jacket is an essential purchase before heading out to the slopes. Not only will they keep you protected against the elements on and off the run, they can just as easily be worn when temperatures plummet at home – especially if you like your weekend treks and outdoor activities.

We love this Harvest Jacket from Picture Clothing for £389.99. For Picture Clothing, developing next-generation products that will help fight climate change has been their central focus from the start. Which is why all of their clothing is organic, with the Harvest Jacket made from renewable Castor Oil. This 3 layers stretch jacket offers maximum protection and complete freedom of movement.


Men’s Ski Mid-Layers 2019

Though a performance ski jacket should be your main outlay, you should probably still think about a mid-layer between your base and your outer jacket. The idea is to build up a layering system under your jacket in case of well-below sub-zero temperatures. Remember, you can always subtract layers.

Lightweight down jackets are perfect for this and Arc’teryx have one of the best reputations on the piste – we love this Cerium Lt Hoody for £300. Streamlined in its design, and with an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, this hoody works as mid-layer as well as a standalone in cool, dry conditions. The premium 850 fill-power down features a nylon shell for durability, and Down Composite Mapping for insulation in moisture-prone areas. The insulated StormHood provides coverage around the face without compromising range of vision.


Men’s Ski Boots 2019

Just like skis/snowboards, you can just rent out some boots at your resort. But you can often get given the wrong size boots and this can cause more discomfort than it’s worth. Which is why we’d always recommend getting some custom boots correctly fitted.

In terms of brands, we’ve always liked Nordica. And if you need something for exploring the resort as well as heading down the slope, this all-purpose Strider 110 for £209 is perfect. Offering exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility, the Strider 110 comes with a shell and liner which can easily be customised depending on your fit. The boot’s alpine spine delivers power and response on the slope, while its hike mechanism affords a generous range of motion for comfortable trekking.


Men’s Ski Goggles 2019

Though sunglasses might be a good idea, goggles will help you when it’s snowing and windy, as well as when it’s sunny. Again, getting the right fit is incredibly important. So if you’re buying, make sure you go to your nearest ski shop and try on different brands and sizes.

Dragon have long been leading eyewear and accessories game in skiwear and these NFX2 Goggles for £150 should do the job. Coming with all the bells and whistles, the goggles feature Swiftlock lens changing system, patented frameless design, armoured venting, premium injection moulded lenses, 200-percent stronger Super Anti-Fog coating, bonus replacement lens and more.


Other Skiwear to Consider:

Men’s Ski Pants 2019: Orbit 4 Way Stretch Ski Pants for £84.99

Men’s Ski Gloves 2019: The North Face Montana Gore-Tex Etip Glove for £75

Men’s Ski Base Layers 2019: Helly Hansen Lifa Stripe Crew for £35


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