Mercedes-Benz Garia Golf Cart

For us, having style on the golf course is key. And while you can don yourself in Hugo Boss and Galvin Green, there’s one thing that’s almost impossible to look cool in, and that’s a golf buggy. Until now, that is… Feast your eyes on the Mercedes-Benz Garia Golf Car, quite probably the coolest golf cart on the planet!

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz asked their social media followers to submit ideas for a Mercedes-Benz golf cart of the future. Having been a golf and automotive aficionado, a man named Anders Lynge (co-founder of Garia) submitted his design. Fast forward 3 years and Anders’ dreams have been realised in what the two brands are calling, ‘a real sports car’.

Being the golf cart of the future, there are tons of features on this beauty. The first obvious one involved your bags. Two bags can be secured on the back of the cart at an angle which makes selecting and replacing clubs that bit easier. Fine.

Mercedes-Benz Garia Golf Cart 3
But this is where things start to get cool. On board the Mercedes-Benz Garia, you’ll also find a fridge under the bench seat (definitely not for your beers), a stowage tray under the dashboard to store balls and all the cup holders you could want.

But things get really cool with the integrated on-board touchpad which shows graphically enhanced vehicle information, such as your remaining range, vehicle speed, power consumption and brake status. It also controls the headlamps, windscreen wiper and car mode by the touch of your finger.

Not only that, Joes can even display the layout of the course, their position on it, and activate an electronic score card on the touchpad as well. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also an integrated weather app to keep you dry.

Mercedes-Benz Garia Golf Cart 4
The Benz golf cart is actually street-legal too and has a top speed around 20mph. It can travel nearly 50 miles on a single six-hour charge and also comes with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker system, so you can stream music while you’re en route to the next hole too!

Annoyingly, the Mercedes-Benz Garia Golf Cart isn’t yet available to purchase. They’re currently taking on market feedback before this beauty gets fully unveiled at some point at the beginning of 2017.

Mercedes-Benz Garia Golf Cart 1