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Mizuno Morelia Football Boots

30 years on and the Mizuno Morelia football boot looks as good today as when they were first launched. We headed down to Pro Direct LDN recently to attend the launch of the 30th anniversary Mizuno Morelia Neo, Morelia II and Morelia Runbird boots.

For those of you familiar with the Mizuno brand you’ll know that their boots are of the highest quality. Kangaroo leather and expert craftmanship really do come as standard. And when a boot has stood the test for 30 years no less, it’s safe to say the Morelia is more than your average neon coloured re-release.

Mizuno Morelia Runbird – £250

A quick trip down memory lane. The original Morelia Runbird was released in 1985 (which makes it the same age as me – I can’t work out if this is depressing or not?) and instantly became an iconic boot in the making. These boots are made with staggering attention to detail and the 30th anniversary version features original moulds, materials and lasts. Hand-made by expert craftsman, the final steps in the production process includes lacing the boots and giving the boots a final polish.

Mizuno Morelia Runbird Football Boots

Mizuno Morelia Neo – £250

Apparently pro footballers like boots that are incredibly light and of the highest quality. The Morelia Neo ticks those boxes wonderfully. The Neo also features top quality kangaroo leather and weighs in at 180g, which is only slightly heavier than an iPhone 6 Plus. This boot is so light that you have to pick up the other boot to make sure you didn’t just pick up the first boot with incredible force. The Morelia Neo boots are represented by Liverpool’s Lazar Markovic and the Brazilian, Hulk.

Mizuno Morelia Neo Red Football Boots

Mizuno Morelia II – £200

The Morelia II is handmade from a single piece of kangaroo leather (these poor kangaroos haven’t fared well with these 3 boots I am afraid) and also features an improved soleplate on the 30th anniversary version. Available in black and white colourways these are boots that every player should be introduced to. PSG’s Thiago Motta has worn Mizuno boots throughout his professional career and even long before he became a Mizuno ambassador. When a top quality professional footballer is picking a pair of boots by choice rather than the size of a sponsorship contract, you know that they are worthy of gracing any pitch.

Mizuno Morelia II White Football Boots

Can’t Decide?

If you love your football boots then Mizuno have created something quite special. This 30th anniversary collection box is available now for a mere £600 with only 500 being made available worldwide. The box features the Mizuno Morelia Runbird, Morelia Neo and Morelia II which will look great on your living room table. Remember this is a collectors edition box so don’t expect to be wearing any of these boots unless you can roughly squeeze into a size 8. Some things are worth more kept in their box.

Mizuno Morelia 30th Anniversary Collectors Box

All of the Mizuno Morelia boots are available now at Pro Direct.



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