Luxury menswear retailer Mr Porter has been one of our go-to online resources since the website launched in 2011, and they’ve decided to expand with a handy brand new dedicated sportswear section.

Mr Porter Sport

Offering an “edited selection of the best and most stylish in performance gear”, Mr Porter Sport plays host to essentials and top of the range sportswear across nine disciplines: Training, Running, Cycling, Tennis, Golf, Outdoor, Swimming, Sailing and a general fitness accessories section.

The new development sees Mr Porter welcome more than 15 new brands to the site, with names such as APL, Condor, Oakley and Sperry all on board. Plus there’s also products from 10 regulars to the site, including Lacoste, Nike, Boast and Ralph Lauren.

Mr Porter’s buying director, Toby Bateman said: “We know that sport and fitness are integral to our customers’ interests and day-to-day lives, so beyond offering the best in men’s fashion, we want to offer our global audience the best in men’s sports apparel as well. In keeping with our ethos of editing only the best brands within each category, we have chosen our sport brands based primarily on their technical performance properties, but also for their style.”

To give the launch of Mr Porter Sport an extra boost, top sports names like Jose Mourinho and fitness coach Ramel Murphy feature in a special edition of the site’s magazine, The Journal, which is aptly named ‘A Sporting Man’.

We’re completely with Mr Porter that sportswear doesn’t need to be baggy and garish, so it’s great to see a website offering Joes fashionable but practical wear we can enjoy. Check out the Mr Porter Sport section now.




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