Hands up – or if you’re on public transport whilst reading this and don’t want to get an abundance of strange looks, simply place a wry smile on your face – if you had Philadelphia Eagles taking home the Lombardi Trophy last season. If you’re currently wearing a smile or have your hands raised in the air, well done. Although, I do suspect this number to be relatively low and it has to be said that I was firmly in the hands remaining down group.

NFL 2018 Season Preview – Super Bowl LIII Favourites

If you allow me to indulge myself and cherry pick from last year’s NFL Season Preview article; “The irony is not lost on me by stating at the end of a prediction article that the greatest thing about the NFL is its unpredictability.” Last season certainly showed this to be the case and therefore we’d be foolish to attempt to do so again, right? But everyone loves a trier. So let’s get to some quick predictions…

Favourites for Super Bowl LIII

Looking through the betting odds, it’s no great surprise to see that the bookies have New England Patriots currently as favourites to go a step further than last year and become Champions once again. Brady and Belichick are closely followed by reigning champions, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s two from each Conference. However, for my money, the NFC looks to be potentially more competitive with the likes of Minnesota Vikings and Los Angeles Rams (who have spent big) definitely in contention this year. We’d tip both teams to make a deep run into the playoffs.

One of the many reasons New England has been so successful in recent times comes down to their ability to make adjustments and adapt to seemingly any situation. Your superstar Tight End is injured; don’t worry – here is another four guys scoring. Down 28-3 in the third quarter of the Superbowl; doesn’t matter – score 25 unanswered points to tie the game and eventually take home the Lombardi trophy. Unfortunately for the others, that ability to win no matter what won’t be going until Uncle Tom retires – and that doesn’t seem to be any time soon.


What to Expect from the NFL in 2018

Unlike our football, every team will improve their team each year with the draft. This is an element I spoke about in last year’s preview by going through each team and highlighting their improvements, and although you won’t see that in this piece, you can guarantee it’s visible. It’s a system that can’t be understated as it keeps the league (and therefore the sport) an ever-changing entity. This takes us back to the unexpected nature of the games where anyone (but Cleveland) can beat anyone on their day.

Now we find ourselves so close to the start of the season after what always feels like an eternity. Whether you’ve decided that this year will be the year you’ll find out what all the fuss is about, or a veteran who knows the handcuff rule in Fantasy Football, there’s only 22 weeks until the Super Bowl. And unless you’re lucky enough to see your team succeed, this is the time to sit back and soak in a whole season of upsets, close calls, comebacks, disappointment and elation.

This is sport at its most explosive, its most dynamic, its most thrilling. This is the 2018 NFL season. Let’s go!




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