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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31

Nike have unveiled the latest evolution of their Pegasus range designed and inspired by athletes: the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31. Whilst it may look like more of the same for the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31, its actually a case of evolution, taking what was an incredibly popular runner in the Pegasus 30+ range and going one step further.

There’s 30 years of history pumping up this Nike Air, but its what is new that makes it just that little bit better. Firstly, there’s the dropped offset of 10mm. Hang on, what the devil does that mean? Well, that’s the difference in height between your heel and your toe inside of the trainer. So, by having a lower offset, it means that the strike feels more natural. This gives the trainer a more sleek look, which is aided by a more rounded forefoot, which enables a more comfortable and powerful toe-off – that spring forward you get off your big toe as you push away with each foot.


Getting that good stride is one thing, but lets face it, if you run in the city or on a track, you’ll want all the comfort you can get as the urban thoroughfares give little in the way of cushioning. Of course, this is probably the reason that the Pegasus has made it through to its 31st year and 31st model. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 will provide all cushioning and comfort you’d expect from the Nike Air pocket resting underneath your feet.

They have a lightweight and protective upper, in a mesh design synonymous with Nike’s current running range. They look pretty cool too, and they’re already available to order online through the NikeID studio. Whilst the stock colourways are pretty nice, its being able to pick & choose and make those personal little touches that make the ID Studio versions always that little bit better. And no, we don’t always pick the same colours…


So whilst they’ve allowed us to pick the colours for the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 independently, they’ve effectively crowd sourced as much of the new technical elements of the shoe as they could bringing in the athletes and big guns. As it is Nike, you know they’ve tested it as much as possible. British Olympic gold medal winner, world champion, dance icon and all round hero Mo Farah provided his insight and inspiration in the development process:

“The Pegasus is one of my favorite shoes and it just keeps getting better,” said Mo Farah, whose go-to training shoe is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus.  He remembers immediately feeling a difference in the Peg 31 prototype. “The first time I put on the Peg 31, I felt faster off the ground. I loved that snappiness and snug fit combined with the soft cushioning and protection that I need for my 100+ miles a week.”







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