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Nike Air Zoom Series 2015

Some of the biggest and best names in running have all pulled on one of the various of Nike Air Zoom trainers in recent years. There are several models in the Zoom range, which prides itself on being at the forefront of speed and responsive trainer tech. These are the Nike Air Zoom Elite 8, Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32, Nike Air Zoom Odyssey, Nike Air Zoom Structure 19 and finally the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10. Whether people like Mo Farah, Galen Rupp or Allyson Felix are wearing these is down to clever marketing and sponsorship or whether the shoes themselves really are that good, well, I guess you’ll want to keep looking down to find out…

Zoom air was first introduced in 1995, and now in its 20th year, it is still continuing to produce some fine, fancy footwear that produces comfort and speed. The tech in the shoe gives it a snappy, explosive response, with tightly-stretched tensile fibres inside of the air unit, which compress when compacted due to the pressure of the foot strike, providing cushioning, then snap back in to place to provide a more explosive lift. What do you think of these below?

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10
These have a good combination of lunarlon cushioning and air zoom technology to make them very comfortable for the long ride, but also help give you that extra boost and responsiveness. We are big fans, although we think that, much like the entire range, the colour ways could be drastically improved.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 19

Nike Air Zoom Structure
Not out till September this year, the Structure has long been one of our favourite Nike running shoes. Hopefully we’ll be able to come back to you to say that they still are, but for now, we can expect them to deliver excellent stability and support, a snappy air zoom feel and help with pronation.

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Breakout
These are new to the lineup. They have a crazy look about them, something that comes about from the combination of materials to the mid and outsole, which help give it a fantastic feel of stability combined with great cushioning – oh and it has a hell clip, and we love a good heel clip!

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 profile
The Pegasus is probably the one Nike Air Zoom trainer we see everywhere, because they’re so comfy and inoffensive that they are perfect for running as well as just living in. They have a breathable and snug upper, the zoom air heel and have a reduced offset of 10mm, which make them less pronounced and neutral. Possibly our favourites, but, no heel clip though!

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8
Although the Air Zoom range are clearly not minimalist running shoes, the most minimal of them all is the Air Zoom Elite 8, and purely for the reason that they’ve tried to make it as light as possible and close to the ground without losing its Air Zoom features. The air cushioning is at the front to provide more spring in the toe off and equally more cushioning if you happen to be a forefoot striker.

Nike Air Zoom is about being fast and getting faster. Nike have teamed up with an unlikely set of characters to remind you of the magic that happens when cartoon characters and sports combine (yeh, Space Jam!), with their pace setters on their Nike+ Running Club app.

What do you think? You can grab almost all of these here, barring the Odyssey and the latest Structure – Odysseys are available at the start of August, so now you can bag a pair here. Check back for more updates on these as we review them or update the post to reflect our experience of Air Zoom in 2015.



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