Nike has just launched an app in US which provides “hyper-accurate” sizing recommendations for each of its shoes by scanning your feet with a smartphone camera. Called Nike Fit, the AR and AI tool aims to address the problem of customers buying the wrong size shoes – particularly online.

Nike’s New Fit App Offers “Hyper-Accurate" Shoe Sizing

According to Nike, “three out of every five people are likely to wear the wrong size shoe.” But thanks to the Fit app, Nike use augmented-reality technology to scan your feet with a smartphone camera, mapping each foot’s dimensions using a 13-point measuring system. The sizing predictions are then programmed using AI, essentially meaning that the more people use it, the more accurate result will be over time.

To get the correct shoe sizes, customers are asked to stand with their feet facing against a wall with socks that contrast with the colour of the floor. The frame is then calibrated by moving a line to mark the base of the wall. A photo is then taken using the camera on your phone and results suggest the best fit for every shoe in Nike’s catalogue, in all UK, US and European sizes.


Nike hope the technology will not only mean less work for their returns team but also improve customer satisfaction. As well as the app, Nike Fit will also be used in-store where customers will be asked to stand on a special Nike Fit mat, while the shop assistant scans their feet.

The Nike Fit app is set to launch in the US in July, but the Swoosh does say it has plans to bring it to Europe later this summer. Find out more over at the Nike Website.


Nike are not the only brand to use AR technology in their apps either. Take a look at the ‘Hej’ app from IKEA which offers users the chance to test how something will look in a room before they buy it.



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