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Nike Free 2015

It seems only yesterday that it was the 10 year birthday of Nike Free, but we’re a year on and as the concept turns 11, the new 2015 Nike Free range is getting released on 2nd April 2015. The 10th year of the Nike Free saw a real step change in the technology of the sole, with a move to the innovative hexagonal blocs which dramatically increased the range of motion and flexibility to the entire line-up, however the 2015 Nike Free running shoes show more thinking about the top of the trainers.

There are some people out there who will tell you that the new range is taking things in a whole new direction. To be perfectly honest, it just seems like they missed last year’s boat. The focus on the trainers this year is all about improving those flyknit uppers, locking the heel in better, making the shoes lighter and all the whilst preserving the wide range of motion available. This is something that has also carried into the recently released clothing line-up, such as their unique Impossibly Light Running Jacket – a running jacket with minimal weight and decent weather protection that packs itself into its own pocket for transport.


The Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit was always a trainer we recommended for those who liked the idea of barefoot running, but fancied a little more protection. It has that 4.0mm offset, keeping your feet close to the road, same as before, but the unique flyknit upper has undergone a bit of work. The weave is looser in the 2015 Nike Free 3.0, so whilst it provides a snug fit, it feels lighter and airy. To complement the whole “barefoot” feel, it is incredibly sock like in both appearance and feel meaning you probably won’t  even want socks on when you’re out running. The flywire integration supposedly provides enough support, but we feel it is still slightly lacking the heel clip that some of the other running trainers out there do so well.

Nike Free 3.0 Mens 2015

The Nike Free 4.0, which fits into the middle of the Free range has undergone a mild change in shape. The slightly bulbous toe box looks like it has been realigned ever so slightly, whilst the overall flyknit upper has taken on that looser weave for better airflow, flexibility and weight.

Nike Free 4.0 2015 Mens

The Nike Free 5.0 has had the most dramatic update in terms of appearance. The Nike Free 5.0 is originally designed with a mesh upper, rather than flyknit, to provide a deal more protection to the foot, and serves as a reminder that a lot of the Free range are often wore as fashion trainers rather than functional running shoes. In line with that expectation, they now look far better, and through the course of future releases and the NikeID Studio, will show that they now come in a host of elaborate and attractive designs and patterns.

The update to the Nike Free 2015 range is slight, but they’re definitely better for it. They now look a whole lot better than their slightly older 2014 brothers. Sexier. Sleeker. Lighter. What’s not to like about the Free range (other than maybe that heel lock, eh)?



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