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Nike+ FuelBand SE Announced

The Nike+ FuelBand SE has finally been announced by Nike, describing a host of new features and functions that we are quite excited about using when it goes live on November 6th here in the UK. Originally launched well over a year ago, the Nike+ FuelBand got us tracking all our daily activity by the Nike metric of Fuel, and its about time it got a bit of a facelift to be honest. However, its fair to say that the changes Nike have made in the Nike+ FuelBand SE are not just superficial.


Nike+ FuelBand SE: The Looks

On the surface of it the Nike+ FuelBand SE isn’t vastly different to the original. It is still a hard, coated shell bracelet. Gone are the chrome finishing on the fastening pin, and instead we have a range of bright colours to make yours look marginally different – a bit like those iPhone 5C’s (hopefully nowhere near as tacky). This colour is also on the inside panels, although we are not sure what good that does since you’re supposed to be wearing it. The display is still a vibrant set of LEDs and the tactile button remains the same.  Essentially though, on the outside, it is exactly the same apart from those flushes of colour. Will it still be available in those semi-opaque shades? We hope not.


Nike+ FuelBand SE: The Tech Features

The original FuelBand was “water resistant” and the new one is slightly better at this – what does that mean? No idea, quite frankly, although we doubt we can go swimming in it yet. There is an upgrade to Bluetooth 4.0 which actually means that your FuelBand will remain connected to your iPhone rather than syncing whenever you choose to. The result is a compromised 4 days of battery life – not too shabby. It is likely there is an upgraded acceloremeter in it also, although such details are also as yet, unconfirmed.


Nike+ FuelBand SE: Fuel Features

The Nike+ FuelBand SE is all about realising actual fuel measurement, attempting to finely tune the errors of the past. Now, it can track sessions – tell it when you’re in the gym, going cycling, for a run, or just moving about getting ready in the morning. We still aren’t sure about cycling though, we love a good spin session, but you have to move the FuelBand to your shoelaces to pick anything up. Is it possible the Nike+ FuelBand SE actually doesn’t need that anymore? This will be good in stopping certain people just waving their arms about trying to hit their target, as you will need to do some damned work to hit your goals! C’mon, why else would you have it?!

Your new FuelBand SE will also be more of a useful watch. We lost count of the number of times we tried to use the clock feature and pressed on to fuel, which meant cycling all the way back around. Now, it is always just two clicks of the button away. I wonder if the low-battery graphic will still be a complete pain in the backside, or if it’ll be less obtuse?

Your Nike+ FuelBand SE is also now more interactive with your goals. Aside from sessions and fuel over the day, it can now try and get you to “win the hour” by challenging typically lazier hours of the day. It’ll also let you know if you’ve managed to achieve it. This could be a really fun and useful feature, but if you’re sitting in your office, you might be hard pushed to start doing pull-ups on the door frame because your FuelBand thinks you’re slacking.


Nike+ FuelBand SE: Sleep

The Nike+ FuelBand SE has taken a tip from its rivals (of which there are now many), and will now begin to track your sleep. Again, details remain sketchy, but given the way in which others work, we suspect it’ll track your movements and assess your levels of light and deep sleep – maybe its time to put away those sleep tracking apps for good? Although, is it comfortable to wear a FuelBand in your sleep, we’ll have to get back to you on that one as ours is usually busily charging elsewhere…


Nike+ FuelBand SE: Software

The iOS Nike+ FuelBand App gets a bit of an update, allowing for all this extra tracking activity and constant connection. It also allows you to connect with your friends in a different way. Of course you can still share your targets, goals and milestones, but you will also now be able to do so with groups. Now we can compare ourselves with people of the same fitness group, and maybe ignore those fitness freaks that run a marathon every weekend. It could also be an intriguing feature if used by multiple people in the same gym class – now your personal trainer can really see who is slacking! The other Nike+ Apps get a bit of a refresh too.

On a side note, still nothing for Android. Hardly surprising since Nike and Apple are in each others’ pockets.


Nike+ FuelBand SE: Pre-order

The Nike+ FuelBand SE is already available for pre-order at a reasonable $149 (US). If this sounds like the update you wanted for your original, or have been waiting to take the plunge, now is the time to do it: right here. It comes out on the 6th November, so you can track your activity as you run off your November 5th bonfire night hangover…





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