The Nike Golf 360 app landed in Europe recently with enhanced functionality and a slick new design since it’s original launch stateside last year. We have been using the app over the past month and putting it to the test. Read on for our Nike Golf 360 App Review.

Nike Golf 360 App Review

A similar design to the Nike+ running app gives the 360 app a slick look and solid user experience. With 5,000 courses from around Europe pre-loaded into the app, using your smartphones GPS it will deliver the nearest courses to your location. Select your course and away you go – the simplistic nature of the app really appeals.

Tee off down the fairway and after you sunk the ball for a birdie (hopefully) you can enter the details for that hole. Add your score, how many putts you took and whether the ball landed on the fairway or not. All of these stats are calculated at the end to give you your score, FIR %, GIR % and average amount of putts per round. For any amateur looking to track their progress these stats are really useful and you can view all of your old scorecards in the history section of the app.


The app doesn’t tell you how far away from the pin you are, there are plenty of other paid for apps and wearable tech that can tell you this if you have the funds to dive into the tech side of the game (we love Golfshot GPS for about £20). When you are playing with your mates you can add them to the scorecard, track their scores and send it onto them at the end. The usual sharing to Twitter and Facebook is available too.

This is a great free app and is really useful to monitor your scores and how you progress round by round. And available for free from the app store there isn’t much not to like.

Available: now on iOS
Price: Free



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