NIKE Phantom GT – A boot built from data

Nike are well known for their football boots and players around the world use them to ensure they’re playing at their best. The new Phantom GT aims to take that to the next level.

A football boot is not just something that you wear on your foot to protect it. It is an extension of your body that interacts directly with the ball. The shape, fit, weight and surface can all directly affect the way the ball comes off the boot. That is why Nike have set about making their most advanced boot to date.

Nike utilised their scientific team in the Nike Sport Research Lab and they spent “countless hours” analysing the way a football interacts with the boot. They looked at the various angles and intensities that the ball comes onto and off of boots.

Using pressure maps, vector forces, detailed data points and studying it all at a micro level, Nike were able to develop a new boot texture. By trying hundreds of different configurations they were able to come up with a surface that is not excessively grippy but allows players to move the ball around with a high level of dexterity.

Nike athletes discuss the new Phantom GT

Kevin De Bruyne – “The Phantom GT is fantastic — it’s pretty much exactly what I need to help me play the way I do. The touch, the feel of the boot is the best I have worn in my career and I can’t wait to launch them. Nike has pretty much made my perfect boot.”

Kai Havertz – “I felt a difference in the new Phantom boot as soon as I put it on. The fit and feel is incredible and not like any boot I have worn before.”

They mixed this new texture with their FlyKnit construction to ensure the boot was still comfortable and light. Underneath Nike employed an all-new sole plate. Called the Nike Hyperquick System, it is designed to be more rigid in the heel for planting, while the forefoot is designed for a rapid change of direction.

In another first, Nike will offer the Phantom GT Academy FlyEase too. It features a fold down heel and a wrap around strap that replaces the laces. This makes taking off and putting on the boot so much faster and easier getting you out on the pitch and playing that much faster.

You can get the standard Phantom GT now from Nike’s webstore and the FlyEase version will be available in September.

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