Nike Run Club London

If you’re looking for some extra keep-fit motivation, we reckon you might want to check out one of the many Nike Run Clubs that are available in London. Improve your speed, distance or simply work towards your first KM. Whatever your goal, there’s a Nike Run Club session with your name on it. And the best bit? It’s completely free!

Nike Run Clubs run weekly and at each session you’ll find knowledgeable coaches leading groups of runners through a warm-up and specifically designed regime to improve whatever the focus is of that week. You’ll find pacers catering for every ability, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or someone who is on their twelfth marathon!

The sessions run across London so you should be able to find a location near enough. Centrally, Niketown on Oxford Street or Covent Garden are your options, West Londoners need to head to Westfield White City, while East London folk have the options of Mile End or Westfield Stratford.

Each location runs a session on a specific day a week, so you can plan your week around it. But don’t worry things shouldn’t get boring as the aim and focus of the workout changes up each week to keep things fresh.

Sessions include: Train to Run, a workout which mixes high intensity training with running to improve overall endurance, strength, balance and mobility; Ready Set Go Run, a club for beginners which will get Joes mentally ready and physically set to go run your first KM; Speed Run, a mix of speed and intensity training will take your running fitness to the next level; and Home Run, an inclusive, more social run where you can choose your distance and everyone is welcome!

We headed down to a Speed Run in Stratford and were extremely impressed. It was well organised, fun and the coaches were knowledgeable and attentive. Not to mention it was completely fee!

All Joes need to do to get involved is register and turn up with your running shoes! For registration details and to find out where your local Nike Run Club is check out the Nike Website.