Octospot Dive Camera

While we won’t profess to know the ins and outs of it, we do know that diving is a tricky and technical business, especially when it comes to recording your dives. Which is why we like the sound of the new Octospot, a dive camera designed specifically for divers and their needs.

The Octospot Dive Camera is tough, smart, and reliable. It’s made from an anodized aluminium and polycarbonate for strength, and comes with an easy-to-use two-button design and a 0.5″ display which is placed in the camera’s rear end for easy access to depth, temperature, battery, time, and recording mode data.

But while that all sounds great, how deep can this bad boy go? Well, very deep actually – especially when you consider its size. This hand-held beauty has the ability to record at a depth of 200 m/656 ft. That’s 160m deeper than a GoPro Hero4 and 150m deeper than a Garmin Vibe XE.

Octospot Diving Camera 1
The Octospot has you covered the whole way and records all sorts of dive data including the depth and temperature. It’s also designed so you won’t have to be adjusting any settings mid-dive. As such, there’s function for automatically adjusting the white balance.

As divers will know the deeper you go the more colours you lose along the way – most footage below 10m, for example, turns green. But with Octospot you have no need for colour filters. The Octospot knows exactly how deep you are and adjusts your videos accordingly.

Octospot Diving Camera 2
The Octospot comes with a Mask Mount and a Universal Mount for easy recording and can be easily edited via an accompanying app. As it’s equipped with a temperature and pressure sensor, you’ll get all your dive data displayed live on your videos.

The Octospot diving camera is being funded on Kickstarter where it’s already smashed its targets only a few days in. You too can get in on the action by heading to the Octospot Kickstarter Website where will set you back around £281 ($369) – very reasonable when you look at the competition!

Octospot Diving Camera 3