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OMsignal Biometric Smartwear

OMsignal has announced a new line of Biometric Smartwear, a fitness focused smart shirt with the ability to accurately track performance levels and vital stats in real time, giving Joes all the information they need to be fully in control of their workout.

OMsignal’s smartwear is ideal for those Joes looking for precision feedback on their workout without having the spare coin to fork out for a personal trainer. The new line of has some pretty impressive technology going on with a vast array of sensors.

The smart shirt has an inbuilt accelerometer and electrocardiogram sensor, which enables the user to monitor variations in heartbeat throughout a workout, whilst other sensors work together to calculate the amount of calories burnt during a session.

The Biometric Smartwear range is created from a stretchable, machine washable fabric. The shirt is designed to compress a user’s torso in order to encourage blood flow both during exercise, and after, to encourage recovery. With the use of a small waterproof black box, data is collected and relayed in real time via Bluetooth to the OMsignal companion app on the user’s smart phone. Nifty.

The black box is handily designed to clip on the outside of the shirt itself and has an integrated battery that can operate for 30 hours of intensive workout time, or 3 to 4 days of continuous wear without recharging.

The only drawback here is the app which is currently only available on iOS but an Android version is slated for some time in the future. The app itself displays a wide range of data, including your heart rate, depth and rate of breathing, and stress level statistics. The app also boasts a function which records significant health and stress related incidents for later review.

The Canadian company say they “are on a mission to bring personal wellness into our daily lives. We are a deeply multicultural team committed to bringing fun and creativity to what we do.”

There are four styles in the OMsignal range including sleeveless, under-shirt, casual, and long-sleeved tops depending on your preference and workout schedule. Prices vary but a Fitness Short Sleeve with a little black box will set you back $249 (around £160). Take a look at the full range on the OMsignal Website.




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