Wow. Dare we say that EURO 2016 has so far been the best major football tournament in recent memory? Even at the very start it captured our whole Isles with everyone bar Scotland taking part. Now we are all through to the last 16, well it’s just pure fever pitch! When it comes to football, of course a goal (just ask Brady) is one of the most impressive and spine tingling things that can happen. And when you get that tingling down the back of your spine, the best and perhaps only way to continue that for a few seconds longer will all depend on the goal celebration.

Our Home Nations have the X Factor

Becks’ would slide into the corner on his knees, whilst we all remember the Klinnsmann – Jurgen sliding on his chest at full pelt. Well to celebrate such wonderful achievements and find the very best of goal celebrations, home nations football sponsor Vauxhall have teamed up with Jamie Vardy, Chris Smalling, Robbie Fowler and Reggie Yates to find the very best celebration.

In a ‘Random Nation’s Got Talent’ type competition, our three famed footballers and random Simon Cowellesq Reggie Yates watch various celebrations in front of them live and vote on who they think is the very best. The talent ranges from the downright amateur to some which are rather more professional, including: breakdancers, martial artists and even a yodler.

When it came to the final whistle, breakdancer Philip Mark Prescott won over all three judges scoring 26 out of 30. His celebration has now been crowned the official goal celebration of the Vauxhall #GetIN campaign and be performed at a live event by the talented winners.

Jamie Vardy said, “I thought lots of the acts were really talented. I used to actually watch all the break dancing competitions and the battle offs so I had a lot of time for Philip’s breakdance routine. Definitely a bit of me that.”

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