If you didn’t already know, you should be warned that the World Cup starts this week. It’s going to be quite the event and loads of football related products are popping up every day now. Today we introduce to you the Paul Smith designed Limited Edition Football.

Paul Smith Football

Sir Paul Smith, CBE, is no stranger to combining sport and fashion. He has released a range of cycle wear and also designed the Maglia Rosa for the Giro d’Italia only last year. To celebrate the arrival of the World Cup in Brazil, he’s designed a rather fancy, and rather limited, printed leather Paul Smith football.

The Size 5 printed leather ball looks exactly like you would picture a Paul Smith designed football. We hope he takes that as a compliment as it’s certainly meant as one. It contains all the hallmarks of Paul Smith bringing the classic into modernity with chevron panels painted in his traditional colourways and a retro shaped football.

Of course the limited edition football is for art rather than recreation, and at £199 you won’t be taking this down to your local 3G pitch anytime soon anyway. You just might not get your ball back from over the fence.

If you’re as big a fan as we are, you get hold of one here. Only 250 have been made though – so go there quickly. Although, unfortunately, the signed balls have all now gone.




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