While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘extreme sports’, rollerskating has seen somewhat of a rebranding in the past year or so, with skaters trading annoying pedestrians on seaside promenades for thrill-seeking in urban metropolises and dense forests.

Powerslide Off-Road Skating

Believe it or not, rollerskating has a core of adrenaline junkies who have evolved the sport into an extreme sport in cities worldwide. In Vancouver, Canada, rollerblading manufacturers Powerslide have taken this one step further and have started heading to the city’s many surrounding woodlands.

The Powerslide SUV rollerskate is made specifically for extreme blading, whether that’s in the city or in the wilderness. Don’t think it can be done? Take a look at the video of skater Dustin Werbeski in one of the forested trails in the city’s North Shore, armed only a pair of Powerslide’s SUV all-terrain skates…

Not only is it incredibly impressive, it also looks like a stupid amount of fun. While we’re certain not many of us could pull off the run quite like Dustin, the design that’s gone into the skates is still pretty amazing.

Powerslide Off-Road Skating 1
The Powerslide Vi SUV is made from a solid aluminium frame with a carbon and fibreglass mixed composite, so it can take a fair old beating from branches, stumps and rabbits while still giving you some protection. As they’re heatmouldable too, they’re guaranteed to fit the shape of your feet for unparalleled comfort. The Vi SUVs come with air tyres that are 125mm in diameter, which Powerslide say are the optimum size to roam around the woods.

If you fancy getting a pair of Powerslide SUV skates, head over to the Powerslide Website for more specs and info on pricing. Just make sure you wear your elbow-pads and a helmets before you start bowling around the New Forest!

Powerslide SUV Skates



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