If you’re anything like us, keeping score at tennis can be a tricky business when you’ve got your game face on. It can also lead to plenty of arguments. But with the Pulse Play, you can complete a gentlemanly game with a scorekeeper you can trust.

Pulse Play

The Pulse Play is a wearable device which connects to an app designed to improve the playing experience of, not just tennis, but badminton, squash and table tennis. With the click of a button, Pulse Play becomes your live scorekeeper and, if you so choose, your announcer.

Developed by three-time Grand Slam winner Andy Ram, Pulse Play records your match history, and also assigns you a ranking based on your match performance.

It’s a simple idea, but the only problem is you’ll need two Pulse Plays to get the job done properly. Once you’ve clicked a button, a point is sent to the accompanying app and the Pulse Play cloud. After registering the point, the cloud relays the point to your opponent’s app and wristband, so that score is always synched on both wristbands.

At the end of the match, the app sends the final score, which is aggregated into the players match history, and calculated into each player’s ranking. The easy-to-use wearable also looks pretty attractive too and is available in 8 colours.

Pulse Play are dreaming very big and claim that the app “will be the global hub for amateur racket sports.” While we’re not convinced by the statement, in theory you can easily connect with new opponents who play at your level, both locally and around the world.

We think it’s a brilliantly simple idea that we’re surprised it’s not been thought of before and think it’s perfect for anyone who plays regularly with a mate. It’s being sold on crowd-funding website Indiegogo and you can get hold of one Pulse Play for $75 (roughly £50) or $95 for a couple (just over £60).



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