March has seen the release of Puma’s latest addition to their running range, the Puma IGNITE Running Shoes. We headed down to Puma UK HQ in London for a special launch event and have been testing the new trainers for the past few weeks.

PUMA IGNITE Running Shoes Review

Off the back of their successful fitness event in Times Square, New York, PUMA bought the Ignite experience to the streets of London in a scavenger hunt/run they were calling #IgniteLondon. The event had us running around London, going from clue to clue in teams against other writers and journalists which gave us the perfect opportunity to try out the new PUMA IGNITE in action.



IGNITE is what PUMA are calling their most responsive running shoe ever, designed with three things in mind, durability, comfort and energy return. And after a few weeks of reviewing, I think they might be right. So what’s new? Get ready for some cliché terms with the material technology, but to be fair what do you expect with a new shoe release, especially a running shoe. First up we have ‘IGNITE Foam’, this is a material created through 9 years of extensive research, with two of those golden selling points in mind, durability and energy return. PUMA were after increased energy return from the moment your feet touch the ground, with immediate comfort coming shortly after. Secondly we have ‘ForEverFoam’, this is a material you’ll find in the heel of the shoe and its main purpose is to attempt to disperse the impact when your foot hits the road and go alongside the ‘IGNITE Foam’ to help provide longer durability.

PUMA have also pushed the boundaries of what many sports shoe manufactures have tried in the last few years, to make a completely foot-hugging snug fit, giving you the feeling of weightlessness and making it seem like the shoe is a part of your body. Similarly to that of new generation football boots, the IGNITE does have that hugging fit, and it does it well. PUMA have also counteracted the frequent sweat complaints from similarly fitting sports shoes by adding ventilation points across the top of the IGNITE.



One of the first things you’ll notice about the IGNITE is that the colour scheme is fairly brash. Tapping into the neon, fluorescent aesthetic so commonly seen in many contemporary running shoes from brands such as Nike and adidas, PUMA have gone with what they are calling a comet look. Taking inspiration from the colours, speed and shape of the space object. The IGNITE boast a more youthful and colourful design than its predecessors. PUMA definitely sell the shoes on their running capabilities and durability, but I think it’s fair to say that what you get with the IGNITE is a hybrid balance between practical use and fashionable sports footwear.



The benefit of an event like this is that we got to try the PUMA ignite in action straight away, and overall we were very impressed. Having only ran in them half a dozen times I can’t comment on longterm durability, but what I will say is that PUMA have got it spot on with comfort, energy return and design. Comfort in running shoes is a biggie for me, as it is for most people, and the IGNITE didn’t disappoint. The combination of the foot-hugging fit and clever use of new material technology means that running in them isn’t a chore at all. As someone who runs mainly on the road, you’re feet and joints can take a bit of a battering over long distances, but the IGNITE made the aches and impact feelings I normally get practically non existent. I just hope that that holds out over time.

I feel like I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to energy return, and I’d be useless at measuring it without big computers and graphs, however, when running in the IGNITE I do feel like I get a bit of a boost from each step, especially to begin with, its a definite improvement on any running shoe I’ve used in the past, I’m getting a lot more bounce out of each stride than I’m used to, which I feel helps my momentum and improves my distance and technique.

I have been known to go with the more visually obnoxious running shoe in the past, and although I feel as if I can do the same with the IGNITE, PUMA have designed it in a way that doesn’t seem so out there, to be quite honest, they just look really cool. From the first sight, they have a sort of power that leers you towards them and makes you want to don them on your feet immediately and hit the road. Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the PUMA IGNITE Running Shoes and they have quite easily become my go to running shoes, thanks to their comfort, fit and design. I’m inclined to say they might be the best running shoes I’ve ever worn. Move over Nike, there’s a new kid in town.

The PUMA IGNITE are available from the 5th of March and will retail at £85. Which quite frankly is great value in comparison to other similar ranges available.

PUMA IGNITE Running Shoes from Average Joe on Vimeo.



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