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PUMA Ignite

Energy boosting running shoes are the hot product of early 2015 with adidas and Nike both releasing their latest versions of technologically-enhanced trainers. Now it’s the turn of PUMA. Introducing the PUMA Ignite – their most energised running shoe to date.

PUMA Ignite has been nine years in development, and features an innovative foam technology that makes it PUMA’s most responsive running shoe. Ignite Foam is a proprietary foam that provides high-energy return, comfort and optimal durability.

Strategically placed in the heel of the shoe is ForEverFoam, which is entirely new to the industry (although it should be said that similar foams do exist in other shoes). This ForEverFoam compound is what gives the shoe maximum durability.

Usain Bolt was at the launch event for the Puma IGNITE and even warms up and trains in the shoe to maximise both his energy output and his training impact.


While we’re not sure it’s the most attractive thing in the world with some fairly bold colourways, if they work for Usain Bolt, they should well be high in quality. And after all, that’s the real selling point. It’s also reasonable priced at around £80. A fair amount cheaper than it’s rival adidas Ultra BOOST.

The launch of the Ignite took place in the energy hub of New York City, where runners powered away on treadmills in Times Square throughout the day with the energy from their Ignite shoes being collected and stored. When the threshold reached 100% (of what…?), the World’s Fastest Man rose up in a theatre of light, smoke and fire. It was some entrance! Take a look at the video of the event below for proof.




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