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Quiksilver True Wetsuit

We love nothing more than a novelty product from Asia, and we think we’ve found our favourite in a long long time. Introducing the Quiksilver True Wetsuit – a two piece suit that is designed to be used on the waves as well as the boardroom.

Combining office and casual wear, the two-piece suit is made from neoprene and even comes complete with shirt, as well as either a neck tie or bow, depending on the grandeur of the occasion. Every element offers a totally waterproof solution to addressing that difficult work/leisure balance.

Quiksilver Japan suggest the True Wetsuit is designed to be as effective in a meeting as they are on a board, with a suit constructed from a combination of 2mm jersey neoprene and lightweight water repellent fabrics. In fairness, the suit looks fair more stylish than you could have ever imagined.

Quiksilver will release three styles to cater for all levels of business occasion: The Office Smart wetsuit is composed of a Black jacket and trousers, as well as white shirt and a monochrome striped tie. Nice and simple.

The Casual Friday does what it says on the tin and is a little more playful with a sophisticated Petrol Blue suit that comes with a Blue and White striped neck tie. The final option is the Party tuxedo, which is a Black suit, complete with a bow tie, pocket square and even stylish wet-look winged lapels.

Annoyingly for all of us, the Quiksilver True Wetsuit will only be made available in Japan for now, and will set surfers back around £2,000. So you’re going to have to be a seriously avid surfer to fork out for one. It’s still a brilliantly bonkers idea. Check out the video below to get a feel for it.




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