With the Winter Olympics now over, we’re on the lookout for some new X Sports to obsess over. And we think we’ve found it in the Radinn G2X Jetboard – an electric surfboard which doesn’t need waves and can reach speeds of up to 36mph in near complete silence.

Radinn G2X Electric Jetboard - Your New Favourite Watersport

Unless you live near the south-west coast, surfing in the UK can be a difficult hobby to practice given the usual lack of wave activity. But that may soon be about to change with the Radinn G2X. Thanks to its ‘Plug & Play’ feature, there’s no need for messy oil changes required by jet-skis, and there’s no need for high winds required for surfing either. All you need is a stretch water.

The G2X runs on a battery pack which pumps a motor sending you along a lake, river or calm sea. The standard model battery offers 25 minutes of riding time at full speed, but you can upgrades things to 35 minutes of riding time at full speed should you wish.


The modular system of the jetboard means that it can be customised for based on the riders’ weight and riding style too, and also ensures that the board can be taken apart. That leaves you with a battery pack weighing 20kg, and an engine unit and board weighing 20kg on top. In theory, this should dramatically reduce transport ease as well as cost.

Though speeds can reach up to an impressive 36mph depending on the model, you can set your own max speed with Radinn’s water-proof handheld remote. The light-guide will let you know how much battery you have when out riding and even starts vibrating to remind you when the battery is running out juice and you need to head back to shore.

The Radinn G2X Jetboard is currently on sale over at the Radinn Website where a board in either Black or White will set you back €9,900 (around £8,740) with first shipments expected in May 2018. The Swedish company also make the Radinn Wakejet, the world’s first electric wakeboard which can be experienced in Barcelona.


In a similar mould, late last year we featured the Manta5 – the world’s most advanced hydrofoil bike which meant you could cycling on water.



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