For the unfamiliar, cycling can seem like the simplest sport around but the reality is much different. No sport offers more opportunity to geek out on technology with power metres, heart rate monitors and GPS systems all essential to professional cyclists and amateurs alike. So we think the Recon Jet may have some serious legs.

Recon Jet

The Recon Jet is basically a Google Glass for cyclists and runners, with a head-up display showing your speed, distance travelled or any other metric. Recon started work on the idea long before Google even muttered the word “glass”, with prototypes of these smart glasses shown back in 2013.

In essence, the Recon Jet is a smart looking sports sunglasses with a couple of nifty bits bolted on. On one arm is the computer, camera and touchpad unit, and on the other is the battery to balance the weight out a bit.

A screen appears on one side of the smart eyewear and can provide consistent updates on whatever data you choose to display, which includes all the fitness or performance information you’d ever need. You can even load up maps, thanks to the built-in GPS.

Recon say the battery should last two or three hours on a full charge, which might be a problem if you run or cycle regularly for longer than that. We’d also be interested to see how much the bolted-on parts affect your vision. Particularly when cycling, that could be a major issue.

While Recon are aiming the Jet at cyclists and runners, it’s no surprise that they’re looking to move into other industries that might find the technology just as useful. Paramedics looking for vital signs off a patient while doing two-handed CPR, for example, makes a lot of sense.

You can grab a Recon Jet for £579.99. It’s not cheap but the technology is very very interesting. Check out more details at




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