If you’re somewhat of a golfing purist, you’re probably of the belief that walking around a course is the only way to experience the game properly. Not only is it obviously healthier than a buggy, it gives you more time to relax and enjoy your game. But while a leisurely stroll is rarely taxing, carrying a huge golf bag around almost always is. But there is a solution. Take a look at the autonomous Rover golf caddie.

Rover's Autonomous Golf Caddie: Man's New Best Friend?

Rover is a hands-free robotic golf caddy that uses state-of-the-art sensor technology and wireless transmission (borrowed from the defence industry) to faithfully follow you wherever you walk on the golf course. It might even be man’s new best friend!

Rover is actually incredibly simple conceptually. All you need to do is clip an accompanying GPS transmitter onto your belt, and start walking. Rover will follow you around with simple controls letting you start and stop the three-wheeled robot.


Golf courses are often far from flat, of course, but thanks to ‘Tempo Walk’ technology, Rover intuitively navigates steep slopes, tall grasses, and rough terrain with ease. The ‘Advanced Collision Avoidance Sensors’ also ensure the robot is safe from obstacles by automatically stopping the unit.

Rover say the units last at least 36 holes on a single charge. There’s also a couple of other features, such as Dual USB ports for phone charging and a completely-needless-but-very-awesome-personal cooler. The only issue? Rover isn’t being sold for personal use. Instead robots are being rented at various courses in Southeast US. Where else!?

While the autonomous Rover golf caddie isn’t up for retail yet, it may be in the future. So keep an eye on the Rover Website.


Another piece of tech geared up to help your game is the SQRDUP golf alignment tool, which uses four green lasers in a crosshair pattern to help you get your feet and club face back on track.



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