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Ryan Giggs Jokes

Ok so the whole world knew anyway, but finally an MP with sense (who knew?) has named Ryan Giggs as the premiership footballer who cheated on his wife and had an affair with Imogen Thomas. This is according to MP John Hemming who announced it under Parliamentary Privilege today.

Who cares? What we do care about is the cheesy jokes! So let us know your best ones and we will put them on!!

News has just broke that Ryan Giggs is that player! Imogen that…

If Twitter users are sued, lawyers are expected to analyse over 4 giggs of data.

Imogen Thomas is trying to launch her solo singing career. She has started by doing Giggs in Manchester!

Super Injunctions of the future to be re-named a ‘Gigging order’

I went on Mastermind last week and my specialist subject was Manchester United.
John Humphreys said, “Question one: Which Man United player is known as the Welsh Wizard?”
I said,”I couldn’t say.
“He said, “Correct, question two…”

Man Utd awards dinner thrown into choas as “top premiership footballer” “top flight premiership footballer and “anonymous premiership footballer” win player of the year!

Ryan Giggs has gone into hiding. I cant Imogen why

In a recent interview, asked about his ideal woman, Man Utd’s Welsh wing wizard said he’s recently found a love for ‘Big titted brunettes…

..that keep their mouths shut and don’t use the internet via Pinkolly

These have all come through our text / Twitter / Facebook. If any of these are yours please do let us know and we are happy to credit. Thanks!

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