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Navigation when you’re cycling can be a tricky business. While the majority of map apps you can get hold of do the job just as efficiently as any purpose built satnav, cyclists rarely feel the benefit needing two hand on the handlebars at all times. But there might be a solution in the form of the SmartHalo!

SmartHalo is a smart biking device designed for urban cyclists with an emphasis on simplicity. The circular interface provides intuitive navigation to users by showing them the quickest, safest routes to their destination through colourful halo lights on the handlebar.

To use SmartHalo’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation, simply input the destination on the accompanying smartphone app and let SmartHalo take care of the rest with your phone tucked safely away in your pocket.

But that’s not the only feature… SmartHalo also possesses automatic tracking technology, which, unlike regular fitness apps, doesn’t need starting or stopping. SmartHalo tracks your progress as soon as you start pedalling, so you can get extensive metrics data in the app after your journey.

It also comes with a Smart Night Light, which automatically turns on and off depending on the weather/light conditions. It’s extremely safe from theft too with tamper-proof screws and a military-grade locking system that ensures it stays permanently on your handlebar.

You also won’t miss any phonecalls or messages with the SmartHalo. It will notify you of any phone activity going on in your pocket with a small Blue light that will pop up on the interface.

We think the SmartHalo is an absolute winner with every feature you’d want taken care of. It’s being sold on crowd-funding website Kickstarter and has also smashed its target with over 25 days to go – clearly Joes are liking the idea as much as we are! You can get hold of one for a very reasonable £85 ($131), so get down to the SmartHalo Kickstarter Page now!




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