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Sponsored: Talormade SLDR Driver

Golf Clubs, and especially drivers and always being advertised as going long. Whilst the longest driver never means the best golfer, it can give a pretty devastating advantage. Not only to come into the green with a more lofted club, but also the ability to play mind games with your opponent. ‘Good drive’ you say, as you pound yours 40 yards past him.

Taylormade and their new SLDR driver (no, it’s not a new camera) promise us just that, and more. With more loft and a higher trajectory, the worlds top players are finding more fairways and even more yards when driving from the tee.

Featuring sliding weight technology and an adjustable head / shaft, it is now a massive 10 years since the first moveable weight was seen on a driver. Again Taylormade, but the fondly loved R7 Quad was the very first.

The club head it very traditional in colour and shape, which for us is a massive bonus, no more of this ever changing club colour, football boot manufacturers take note. There are a total of 12 adjustments on the standard loft, giving a 1.5 degree change each time, and when added with the Fujikura Speedster shaft, it gives that higher trajectory and lower spin for extra yards.

Taking 9 titles from around the world in the last month alone, the likes of Dustin Johnson, Stewart Cink and Scott Verplank have already placed the new Taylormade SLDR Driver in their bag. Will you?

This post is kindly sponsored by Taylormade.



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