We are huge sports fans here on AJB, and along with all the highs of scoring a goal, making that pass or holing that putt there are also some lows. And the lows we are talking about here are injuries. So we searched the net for some of the strangest and sickest of sports worst injuries or all time.

Sports Worst Injuries

Random Arm Wrestler
OK, we will start you off easy here, an arm wrestler and I am pretty sure you can guess what happens next… Oh my, cringe worthy…


David Busst
I remember this like it was yesterday, I was watching the game. Coventry had a corner against Manchester United, Busst (great name!) went in for a corner when his leg got caught underneath him and snapped. Peter Schmeichel ran away and was phsically sick, and after the game had to have counselling. Even after David was cleared off the field they had to water the pitch to get rid of the blood… Ouch!!


Basketball player Andrew Bogut
Wow, this guy goes for the big slam, falls backwards and awkardly lands on his arm, popping out his elbow. Watch the slow mo replys, his arm turns to jelly…


Corey Hill UFC Leg Break
I have to look away whenever I see this video, it is seriously not worth watching if you have a dodgy stomach, makes me feel sick! Corey Hill goes for a leg kick and his own leg snaps in two. Not only that, the other guy doesn’t realise and carrys on fighting. Urghhhh… Pic below, or click the link to get the video…

Sports Worse Injuries

Sports Worse Injuries

Video here (opens in new window).

Footballer leg breaks backwards

Yet another gruesome one, making a pretty innocent tackle, but his leg get’s caught behind his body and snaps at the ankle, not only does it snap but it turns round 180 degrees!! Pretty dam sick!!


Seen worse? Even had worse? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter or facebook. Our include broken arms, feet, torn achilles and 6 stitiches across my eye from an incident with a golf club!



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