Ever dreamed what it’s like to be an F1 driver? The pure speed of the car. The money in your bank. Any girl(s) you could want. Or even settling for an engagement to Nicole Scherzinger? Well the new Johnnie Walker series ‘Step inside the Circuit‘ aims to provide you with just that.

Step Inside the Circuit

Following McLaren team mates Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button through the 2011 season Johnnie Walker is giving you behind the scenes access and the ability to ask the drivers whatever you want! During 8 race weekends of the season JW will be on hand to ask the guys your questions and secretly film them during the weekend. Then after each weekend they will release a 4 – 5 minute documentary of that particular race with everything included.

You can even submit your own videos to the guys and receive a unique response! For more info head over to the Johnnie Walker Facebook page where you can find enough content to last you days locked in a cave! You can also watch the Great British Grand Prix, Silverstone video below.

Thank you to Johnnie Walker who helped us feature this post.



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