Finland-based Suunto are back with a brand new range of their market-leading multisport watches, and they’re looking better than ever. Feast your eyes on the Suunto Spartan smartwatch collection, perfect for sporty Joes who likes an adventure!

Suunto Spartan Smartwatch Collection

The new Suunto Spartan Ultra is a state-of-the-art outdoor-proof colour touchscreen watch which comes with GPS, barometric altitude, navigation, a compass, Bluetooth and all the mobile smart phone applications you can wish for both iPhones and Android smartphones.

The impressive features on the Spartan start with the touchscreen which offers a wide viewing angle with great visibility outdoors, even in direct sunlight. The watch itself comes with a bezel made from Titanium Grade 5, has a sapphire glass face and is waterproof up to 100m.

Suunto Spartan Smartwatch Collection 3
The Suunto Spartan is made for Joes who like an adventure. As such, it comes with a competitive battery life and also offers features like GPS route navigation, barometric altitude and a compass – if trekking is your jam.

For the sportier Joes out there, the Spartan comes with real-time info about your training exercises such as duration, distance and speed, as well as offering heatmaps to further your progress during training. There’s also a heart rate monitor and in-built accelerometer thrown in for good measure.

Suunto Spartan Smartwatch Collection 4
The accompanying Suunto Movescount App is also ideal if you’re travelling and want to find the most popular places to run, ride, swim, ski, etc. Heatmaps will appear right on your watch face to reveal the tracks frequently used by the Suunto Movescount community all over the globe.

The Suunto Spartan Ultra smartwatch will be available in four models/colours: Black Titanium, Stealth Titanium, White and Black. Prices start at around the £515 (€649) mark and rise to around £635 (€799) if you want a Titanium model with the heartrate sensor. Head over to the Suunto Website where these beauties will be available in August.

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