Getting yourself known in an already saturated smartwatch market can be a tricky business, even if you’re a well-established watchmaker already. Which is why even Swiss legends Swatch have found themselves a niche new smartwatch. How niche? The Swatch Touch Zero One is made with beach volleyball players in mind… so… very.

Swatch Touch Zero One

The new Touch Zero One combines a classic Swatch design with new beach volleyball functions for players and fans. It’s part of Swatch’s sports-themed ‘Swatch Touch’ smartwatches which are able to ‘buddy up’ with a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

The design sees a curved touchscreen and a built-in backlight make for easy finger-tapping and side-swiping so you can access the six timing functions. The touchscreen tracks your ‘spikes’ and ‘bumps’ and while we’re not completely sure what they mean, if you do, you’re probably already very excited about it!

As well as registering other multiple beach volleyball functions directly onto the Swatch, such as step Counter, power hits and power claps, you can also access a load more information when you connect the Touch Zero One to the free Touch Zero One App, which of course is free.

As this is a Swatch, there’s naturally no need to charge it up every night – the standard Swatch battery lasts for months and months.

Swatch assure Joes it’s not solely for volleyball players and will work perfectly well as a normal smartwatch but it does seem an odd selling point. Having said that, aesthetically it’s very much in-keeping with the brand’s previous work so diehard Swatch uses may be drawn to the Touch Zero One regardless of the sporty functions.

There’s no current word on when the Swatch Touch Zero One will be released but it’s likely to be at the end of the year. When it does arrive, it will set Joes back around the £90 – not bad at all for a smartwatch. As long as you’re into volleyball, that is.




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