If you’re a regular on the London bar scene, you’ll know that nothing has captured the imagination of bar owners in recent years quite like a rousing game of table tennis. And the relatively simple sport has just got a whole lot more modern with the addition of the real-time interactive Table Tennis Trainer by inventor/designer Thomas Mayer.

Table Tennis Trainer

The Table Tennis Trainer, at its most basic, is a table tennis table with some lights projecting a whole load of info directly onto the table. Mayer’s invention can show players info, training schedules and even performance reviews. The really cool bit, however, is the training modules mode which helps Joes work on certain aspects of their game.

The idea started out as a continuation of Mayer’s Bachelor’s degree thesis, which was to track the table tennis ball in real-time to create data visualisations for players. The setup isn’t as complicated as you might think either, with two motion-tracking PlayStation Eye cameras and a single HD projector above the table driving the things along.

Table Tennis Trainer Thomas Mayer 2
Of course, the real eye-catching thing about the Table Tennis Trainer is its unique interface. The dashboard can display game obstacles on the surface of the table, which make for some seriously fun alternative trainer.

On the dashboard, there’s also some other pretty useful functions (as well as some fairly useless ones) with scoreboards and player profiles adding some seriously futuristic fun to a fairly traditional game.

As of yet, Thomas Mayer’s Table Tennis Trainer is only in the prototype stage, and while we can’t necessarily see the idea taking off for training methods, the idea of a real-time tracker and projected scoreboard is something we’re sure the entertainment industry will love. Keep an eye out for updates on Thomas Mayer’s Website.

Table Tennis Trainer Thomas Mayer 3
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