It seems that a rousing game of table tennis is all the rage these days. If you’re a regular on the London bar scene, you’ll know that nothing has captured the imagination of bar owners in recent years quite like it. It was also only a few weeks ago we featured the Table Tennis Trainer by inventor/designer Thomas Mayer, and now another ping-pong trainer has just hit Kickstarter. Introducing the catchily-named Trainerbot!

Table Tennis Trainerbot

While Thomas Mayer’s Table Tennis Trainer was all about lights, bells and whistles, the Trainerbot is designed with serious table tennis players in mind and is being dubbed ‘the world’s first smart ping pong robot.’

Put simply, the Trainerbot is a device which stands at one side of the table firing down ping pong balls at you like a mechanical Forest Gump. But rather than firing balls randomly, the Trainerbot can simulate specific shots to help players at any level practice and get better.

Via the accompanying app, Joes can program the robot to fire specific shots at varying angles, speeds and directions. The Trainerbot can essentially shoot balls accurately to any part of the table, and as such, Joes can use the robot to simulate drills and coaching sessions. As it stands, the AC powered trainer can hold up to 30 balls at any time (or 60 if you go deluxe).

The Trainerbot table tennis trainer is being funded on Kickstarter where one bot will set Joes back around £230 ($329). Not only is it quite expensive, deliveries aren’t expected until March 2017. So while we love the concept, this one might only be for the avid ping pongers out there! Head over to the Trainerbot Kickstarter Website for more details.




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