Always on the look of for unique pieces of design, the latest to grab our attention is this eye-catching X1 ultra-modern pool table by Everest. Featuring a completely transparent glass bass and surface, and giving the impression that the table is floating on air alone, it’s like nothing we’ve seen before.

Take a Look at This Unique Everest X1 Modern Pool Table

Though it’s probably not one for your local boozer, the Everest X1 modern pool table is truly one-of-a-kind. The ultra-modern table features a transparent playing area which is composed of patented Vitrik material, which is said replicates the rolling resistance of felt and provides a shock absorbing layer for the glass beneath.

Although made from primarily glass, the table’s smooth and glossy see-through finish comes with a fine mesh embedded in the compound. It therefore retains consistent roll characteristics over its lifetime.


While you wouldn’t want to change the pool table’s transparent properties, the rest of the X1 is very much customisable. In terms of finishes, Everest offer a range of Interpon powder coats and can colour match to suit your needs. They can also offer the option chrome and/or 24c gold plating.

Not only that, you can also choose from a variety of colours to match your décor. Everest use Warwick’s Global Suede range – a commercial grade synthetic suede range developed for heavy wearing environments. There’s also the option of LED Lighting, and naturally you can receive your pool balls in any colour scheme you wish.

The Everest X1 modern pool table is available now over at the Elite Innovations Website. Available in 8’ x 4’ only, the X1 is limited to just five per year, so head over as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.




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