Technogym: Move, Train, Play

Italian gym and wellness giants Technogym have built a hugely successful business and brand ethos around a pursuit of health through an ergonomic synergy of technology and the human form, and the business are constantly looking to push the boundaries of how this manifests itself to the user.

They have recently released some ingenious kit which looks at existing solutions in a new light as the brand tries to constantly refine and develop ideas. The equipment is aimed at gracing your local health club or your home gym alike, offering state of the art technology with a cloud supported interface and infrastructure.

The new line is Technogym Artis, and this range is designed to be aesthetically beautiful, incorporating Italian design and biomechanical engineering with the products developed in association with one of the UK’s elite sporting establishments, Loughborough University.

We take a look at the main two cornerstones of the range, which stand out for their unique nature and forward thinking design.

Technogym Omnia is a piece of functional training apparatus which incorporates a variety of different possibilities to enable the user to train for strength, resistance, stability, flexibility & speed in a simple and accessible way.

Omnia is most effectively used by groups, and is ideal for use in a fitness class, as it allows up to 8 people to train simultaneously, with floor mats marked to help users and trainers determine difficulty of movements, and to best organise the available space. Included in the list of available apparatus are resistance wires, fixed bars, suspension cables, punch bag, pole mounted gym ball, and barbell rack fixings as well as three tiers of step cubes making for a pretty comprehensive and varied circuit that you can tailor to your needs. As well as the 8 station version, the Omnia is also available in a 3 station option more suited to a home gym or small fitness suite, yet still offers users the same versatility of apparatus, just in a more compact format.



Technogym Unity

Technogym’s new range comprises an Android based interface called Unity. Unity provides clients with an interactive gym experience, enabling them to keep a track of their progress, fitness data and training programmes alongside the ability to surf the internet, send emails, and see their Twitter and Facebook all without logging in. All your information being stored on your personalised Wellness Key, which just slots into the machine you are using and stores all our data on it. The client can even have a video call with a personal trainer on the built in webcam, making Unity a truly immersive all round experience.

It also gives the user the ability to create a personalised training plan for their specific sporting or athletic goals with programmes pre-designed for football, rugby, volleyball & hockey etc.

The displays on the new Artis range can even be powered by energy produced by the user working out, making the range very economically friendly, and power produced can even be fed back into the energy grid to help power the gym.


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