The Second Football Crest Index Will Focus on Italian Football

While we do love our football here at Average Joes, we do also enjoy the finer things in life such as art and design. And if you’re similarly a man who can do both then take a look at the latest instalment of The Football Crest Index. We featured the first edition of the Crest Index last year when it focused on English football. But this season, it’s all about the Calcio.

Yes, The Football Crest Index Vol. 2 has arrived. Building on the huge success of Vol.1, the second Index focuses on Serie A, setting out to document the rich history and tell the stories behind the crests of the biggest clubs in Italian football.

So why Italian football? Because that’s what the people wanted! The Football Crest Index ran a Twitter poll to decide what their next project would be and calcio came out on top with 39% of the votes. The English football version featured 47 clubs and while Vol.2 will be a little smaller, the book will still feature 34 clubs from Serie A and Serie B.


Like last time, Vol.2 will feature 34 new designers to represent each club in the book with each getting a spread with an exclusive, original piece of artwork which the designer feels represents the clubs identity. Each club section will also document the evolution of crests throughout the clubs’ history.

The Football Crest Index Vol.2 is being funded once again on Kickstarter and due to the overwhelming success of The Premier League version (it sold out worldwide), they’re also reprinting Vol.1 with new updates and a fresh edit. Books cost £35 each with deliveries expected in December for Vol.1 and March 2019 for Vol.2. You can also check out an online version of Vol.1 here.