Could The Mirror Interactive Home Gym Change The Way We Workout?

There’s a reason many of us sign up to the workout classes, only to turn up once every six months. While having a dedicated gym space and trainer undoubtedly heightens motivation, life often gets in the way. But what if you could benefit from professional trainers and classes in the comfort of your own home whenever you wanted them? Take a look at The Mirror, the world’s first invisible, interactive home gym.

Featuring live and on-demand fitness classes in a variety of workout genres, The Mirror could be revolutionary in the personal fitness industry. The device itself resembles Microsoft’s much-loved Surface Hub 2. It can be hung or put on a stand and when turned off, it’s a full-length mirror. When on, see yourself, your instructor and your classmates in a sleek, interactive display, complete with embedded camera and speakers.

All you need to use The Mirror is the space for a yoga mat, decent enough Wi-Fi and a power outlet within six-feet. During your on-demand class, your instructor will provide real-time instruction and even personal shout-outs to keep you motivated. Not only that, you can also train live with other members of the community if you need that extra push.


Classes on the device include cardio, strength, yoga, barre, Pilates, boxing, HIIT and more. So whether you’re an athlete or just try to lose a few kgs, The Mirror has workouts for all fitness levels and goals. There are over 50 live classes you can stream a week, or you can take a class anytime with an extensive library of on-demand workouts, available 24 hours a day.


The Mirror offers classes from certified instructors from some of the US’s top fitness studios who’ll provide expert instruction, motivation, and live feedback. Instructors range in backgrounds and niches with the likes of former dancers, boxing experts and yoga teachers all on offer.

Probably the most impressive thing about The Mirror is that it achieves all of this while offering workout feedback in real-time. Once you sync a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to The Mirror, it will use your biometric data to further enhance your experience.


The Mirror is available to pre-order now over at The Mirror Website. The only catch? It’s not cheap. As well as forking out the £1,155 ($1,495) for the Mirror itself, you’ll also need to sign up to the catalogue of classes which costs around £30 ($39) a month, with a 12 month commitment required – another £360 a year, then.

To get value for money, you’re going to have to be using The Mirror a fair amount. Which in turn means you’re probably far more committed to workout classes than your average gym user and probably have little need for some home comfort motivation. Still, the technology is undoubtedly cool AF.