UFC 123 RAMPAGE v MACHIDA announced

News this week from UFC outlining plans for UFC 123 in November featuring the return of Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson against former UFC Light heavyweight Champion Lyoto“Dragon” Machida. Penned in for the Saturday 20 November in Michigan, the card also features the third fight between hall of Famer, Matt Hughes and the Prodigy, BJ Penn.

This will be Rampage’s second fight after returning to the Octagon after appearing ‘that’ film, The A-Team. I am a huge fan of Rampage, even with his petchulent outburst’s but I am afraid he will fall straight into Machida’s game. Machida is known for being elusive and a counter striker, at his best against aggressive fighters such as Jackson. Rampage was actually quoted recently as saying “I am expecting him to run from me, though. He’d wear sneakers into the Octagon if he could!“.

The second fight of the night features the Prodigy, coming back after another loss to Frankie Edgar. In my opinion BJ hasn’t looked right for a while, he has actually looked more in shape, but he has lacked the hunger that put him, in many peoples eyes as the most talented MMA fighter ever to walk the planet. Hughes however has gone in the opposite direction, after being annihilated by the likes of GSP, and announcing a break from the sport, Matt has won 3 fights on the bounce and looks as good as will be at his age.

Overall this should be a great card, though we have come to expect that from the UFC with some huge, huge fights coming up in the next months. I for one, cannot wait!!

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