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Ultratide Surf Smartwatch

It seems we don’t go a week without telling you Joes about the latest smartwatch offering on the market. But most struggle to find a truly original USP. The Ultratide smartwatch by Nixon, however, is different.

It won’t sell is mass but the Ultratide might be essential if you’re into your surfing. Nixon has been a big player in the surf smartwatch scene with a few other surf watches available. But while all the other models tell you which way the tides are moving, only the Ultratide grabs real-time data from Surfline.

The Ultratide displays up-to-date surf conditions at any beach of your choosing using Surfline. You’ll need to pair the Ultratide with your phone over Bluetooth using Nixon’s Ultratide app (iOS only at the moment, Android coming late 2015). From there, you can programme it to track different spots.

Surfline has been leading ocean information for 30 years now, and delivers detailed local condition reports as well as 48-hour surf forecasts. Surfline collects live data for over 2,700 locations around the world, so you’d have to be going to some seriously secretive spots to not be covered. The smartphone app can also geolocate you, so you can just get updates from the closest beach around if you don’t know the area too well.

The watch’s face displays current conditions at all times with pretty detailed reports. You’ll get tide status, wave height, wind direction and speed, swell direction, and the temperatures of both the air and the ocean. You also get Surfline’s general assessment in a one-word form, like ‘Fair’ or ‘Good’. A button on the side of the watch lets you switch between your programmed locations. Your phone offers you more detailed reports inside the app.

The Ultratide also offers some in-session capabilities, too. If your session on the water happening on a particularly perfect day, the Ultratide can find out what the conditions report was for that session and then set up an alert that goes off whenever the conditions at that location are similar. Very handy indeed.

It also looks fantastic. Its case is made from stainless steel and it has a silicone band it keep it comfortable during rigorous use. Nixon say the Ultratide has a battery-life of a regular watch, so charging isn’t ever an issue.

The Ultratide will be available in 6 limited-edition colours by the 15th May and we think it’s a cracking idea if you’re seriously into your surfing. The Ultratide will go on sale for $280 (around £190). Check out more details on the Nixon Website.



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