Urban Golf has been around a while, and has cemented it’s self amongst golfers in the City of London over the past couple of years.

Urban Golf London

Urban Golf has been around a while, and has cemented it’s self amongst golfers in the City of London over the past couple of years.

With three centres in Soho, Kensington and our base for the day in Smithfield, there is no excuse not to head down. It’s quite a hard concept to explain, a cross between a trendy London Bar, and a country golf club house. But instead of 100’s of acres of open air space, 8 About Golf simulators. Now I know what you are thinking, simulator golf, seriously? Yes, deadly.

I play a fair bit (in real life wouldn’t you know), and have been on a few simulators over the years, most are average at very best. But after half an hour and 9 holes on these simulators, I am pretty confident it’s as close to outdoors golf as you are likely to get. Even Luke Donald has just installed one in his Florida home.

All bays are kitted out head to toe Taylor Made, new Burner Irons, R11 fairway woods, Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver and a range of Rosso putters. You will be hitting real golf balls as well, no plastic or range balls here. In terms of distance of Irons and Woods, it was pretty spot on, my 7 going around 150 which is what I would expect it to do on the course. Putting was more difficult, judging the distance, but after a few holes you soon got the hang of it. Manager Tom rarely plays outside, and has cut his handicap from mid-doubles to 6 in a little under 2 years!

With a fully licensed bar, you get a wide mix of groups and people. When I was there we had work groups (both men and women), stag do’s and couples. Skill ranges from complete novice through to pro standard. The average 4 ball can expect to complete around 7 holes in an hour, and if you are playing alone, you may well complete a full 18. In terms of cost, you are looking at around £50 an hour per bay. Which isn’t much when you consider upto 8 players can play per bay! Look out for lunch-time specials as well as half price days if you are looking for a bargain.

To prove they are serious about golf, it’s not just all simulators and stag do’s. Pro’s are on site for lessons, and they offer one of the most complete custom club fitting services around. Overall we were well impressed, if you are in the city and can’t get out for golf, the weather is bad, or just want a random few hours, Urban Golf is well worth a look.


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