Welt Fitness Smart Belt

We’ve all heard of wearable fitness trackers but we’re pretty certain we’ve never come across anything quite like the Welt; a smart belt which holds up your trousers and tracks key health data, providing tips and warnings for your health.

It may sound fairly crazy on paper but when you take a closer look at the Welt smart belt, there might actually be something in it. Welt can track the three main general health indicators: waist size, activity and food intake. Via an accompanying app, Welt will then use all this info to give users personalised guides and indicators about their every day living.

Waist size is something that we all think we can see constant changes in, but with the Welt you’ll never be guessing again. The in-built magnetic waist sensor is embedded in the buckle of the belt and tracks your waist size in real time. This means the Welt can keep track of variations in waist size to monitor patterns of overeating.

Welt Fitness Smart Belt 2
Your activity is calculated by the embedded pedometer. But not only will the smart belt count your steps, it’ll also log your inactivity periods, such as sitting time. With all the info taken, Welt can track your Calorie burn and suggest alternatives to leading a healthy active lifestyle.

As with most wearables, battery life is extremely important – especially when it comes to fitness/health trackers which need to be in constant use. Thankfully the Welt has an incredible battery life of over 20 days. To charge it; simply plug in the charger to the micro USB port on the buckle.

It might not be the most fashionable of things but there are plenty of material and colour options with the Welt. And with over a week to go of funding over at its Kickstarter Website, the Welt smart belt has already beaten its target. If you’re convinced by the concept, you too can get involved by pledging the £75 ($99). Deliveries are expected in January 2017.

Welt Fitness Smart Belt 3