What are the best 2021 Formula 1 liveries? This is our ranking from worst to best

Formula 1 returned today as the new 2021 challengers hit the track for testing in Bahrain. It’s too soon to look at who’s fastest but we can decide who won the fashion parade.

If you’ve been following F1 recently, you’ll probably be able to guess our winner but I’m sure there might be a few surprises in this list. So here goes, from worst to first, our top ten ranking of the 2021 F1 liveries:

10 – Ferrari SF21

Sorry Ferrari fans but the livery on the SF21 is just dull and that green Misson Winnow logo looks very out of place. I applaud Ferrari for trying something new but outcome is not my cup of tea at all. Next year, black wings + gloss red body + gold wheels = winner.

9 – Alfa Romeo C41

The C41 is actually a lot better this year than last year in my humble opinion. Sadly it still lacks something to make it look truly great.

8 – Red Bull Racing RB16B

The RBR RB16B doesn’t have a bad livery. In fact I’d go as far to say it is iconic. But it is basically copy+paste from last year and that was a copy of the year before. It’s low on this list because it’s just something we’re used to now.

7 – McLaren MCL35M

If you told me a decade ago that we’d have Papaya Orange maccas on the grid then I would leapt for joy. The old 90s and early 2000s test cars that ran in orange were some of my favourite livery to never race. Sadly this latest car seems to lack something. I think it’s the use of blue. I like the two colours together but they’ve done it better in previous seasons. This year it just seems a bit boring.

6 – Alpha Tauri AT02

Alpha Tauri were always going to struggle with their new corporate colours after ceasing to be Toro Rosso last year. The STR cars had some of the coolest liveries in the last 15 years. This year though, I like what they’ve done. It probably would have been 8th on the list though but the addition of white wheels bumped them up my list.

5 – Haas VF21

The controversial livery of 2021 belongs to Haas again. Corporate sponsors clouding their on track activity seems to be a theme with this team. This time it has something to do with the legality of displaying the Russian flag in sporting events following the ‘alleged’ doping scandal. I don’t know enough to comment on the legality of this livery but I do like the colour scheme. Simple basic colours used well. It’s a big change from last year so that’s good too.

4 – Mercedes-AMG W12

Maybe not as pretty as last year’s car, the W12 slips down my list of favourite liveries this year. It still looks great and the splash of silver is a nice nod to the older cars. The many AMG logos are a bit much though.

3 – Williams FW43B

I’ve seen a lot of hate for this livery but personally I like it. The colours hark back to the glory years of the late 80s and early 90s and the stripes have a slightly 80s feel about them too. I think I like it a much as I do because I want Williams to do well and the last few liveries we’ve seen from them have been dire. Great improvement. Well done.

2 – Alpine A521

Doesn’t it look amazing? Any other year this would have won best livery by far. Renault rebranded to Alpine this year and therefore the old black and yellow livery had to go. Alpine are synonymous with blue cars so it was a no brainer that they would go for a blue shade but the overall look is better than I’d hoped for. The red white and blue of the Tricolour with black wings and a deep yet vibrant blue is a great combination.

1 – Aston Martin AMR21

I’ll admit, I love green cars. I grew up loving green race cars. I was always going to love any green livery from any team, let alone Aston Martin. But what a green this is. It harks back to the famous Le Mans winning DBR1 from 1959 but is also similar to many historic Aston Martin race cars. It’s unlike anything we’ve had in F1 for a long time and it just looks amazing. Goes to show that a great livery isn’t about tons of detail, sometimes you just need to pick the right colour.