With the football season back in full swing, we thought we’d settle an age old debate we’ve been having in the office at Average Joes HQ; ‘Who is the best pundit in football?’ While you may think the answer is obvious, there are far more pundits on our screens than you may realise. So here’s a quick run-down of each pundit working in football today.

Who Is Football’s Best Pundit?

Gary Neville

The game of football punditry has undoubtedly changed since Gary Neville joined Sky Sports back in 2011. Though we all enjoyed Andy Gray’s ability to call a moment, Neville’s insight and analyse was like nothing casual football fans had been treated to before. Football punditry is now an art in itself with lazy clichés and talking like one of the lads at the pub simply not enough to keep your attention. Under the watch of G-Nev, pre/post-match analyse is sometimes just as enjoyable as the main event. And for us, he’s the undisputed King of Football Pundits. 10/10


Thierry Henry

When Arsenal legend Thierry Henry joined Sky Sports in 2015, it was met by one of the biggest fanfares Sky could must up. Teasers, countdown clocks, montages… Henry got the lot. But being one of the Premier League greats and having a face for TV hasn’t necessarily translated into punditry nirvana. Thierry has the wonderful ability to speak eloquently at length and yet say absolutely nothing at all. It’s a gift. And he keeps on giving. 4/10


Jamie Carragher

If you weren’t a Liverpool fan, it’s fair to say Jamie ‘Carra’ Carragher was one of the more hated footballers plying his trade in the Prem during his heyday. Which is why it’s testament to his football knowledge that the no-nonsense scouse legend is now considered one of the best pundits around. His relationship with Neville makes for perfect viewing and, just like Nev, his history performing at the very highest level offers insight only someone with his career could. 9/10


Rio Ferdinand

He may not grab the attention of a Carragher or Neville but we think Rio Ferdinand has been a decent acquisition for BT Sport and their Champions League coverage. The former Manchester United centre back offers consistent 7/10 performances each and every week. And as we all know, every team in football needs one of them. 7/10


Jermaine Jenas

He may have an unhealthy obsession with how well Spurs pass the ball around, but Jermaine Jenas is a solid pair of punditry hands in our book. He’s likeable enough and doesn’t come out with anything too outrageous just for controversy sake. 5/10


Frank Lampard

He may be the most recent addition to football’s punditry line-up but we think ‘Super’ Frank Lampard has begun his television career in extremely strong fashion. Clearly well-educated and very articulate, it’s no surprise that his knowledge of football is greater than almost all other pundits given his incredible career and the type of footballer he was. Depending on how well his inevitable management career goes, Lamps is a potential future great in the world of punditry. 9/10


Robbie Savage

He’s rubbish and not in an ironic way. Next. 1/10


Jamie Redknapp

Inoffensive and perfect for the housewives, Jamie Redknapp is perfect for a Sunday afternoon while you’re eating your roast. And we’re OK with that. He won’t set the world alight, but you also won’t be shouting expletives at the screen when Jamie is in town. 5/10


Alan Shearer

Police Constable Alan Shearer is always ready to protect and serve Match of the Day from controversy with his brand of clinical analyse. We like that. A solid performer. 6/10


Graeme Souness

Every football coverage provider needs at least one old school pundit who believes the ‘game’s gone’, and Sky’s enforcer is Graeme Souness. The perfect foil to Redknapp’s kind exuberance, Souness likes hard hitting tackles, good defending and Liverpool. He’s entertaining if nothing else. 7/10


Ian Wright

He may not offer much in the way of genuine insight but Ian Wright is your everyman pundit. He’s passionate and shouty, and sometimes that’s what we want, particularly when England play. Along with Redknapp, he’s also by far the dressed pundit working in football. 6/10


Chris Sutton

The new bad boy of punditry, some of Chris Sutton’s opinions are almost as confusing as his accent. But we love the new King of Controversy and we won’t be convinced otherwise. Sutton’s smirks alone are worth tuning into Scottish football on BT – they’d be very little reason otherwise. As long as it’s not your team he’s belittling, we think Sutton has taken Mark Lawrenson’s title of ‘Pundit You Love to Hate’. 9/10


Steven Gerrard

Given his footballing ability, we were hoping for far more from Stevie G when he joined BT Sport. But especially since the arrival of Frank Lampard to BT’s line-up, it’s become quite evident Gerrard’s lack of charisma is going to be a big issue. To be fair, we could have told you Lampard and Gerrard couldn’t play together. 5/10


Danny Murphy

The problem with Danny Murphy is, he actually makes some very good points occasionally. But self-righteousness is never a good look when it comes to football commentary. 4/10


Mark Lawrenson

The original ‘Pundit You Love to Hate’, we actually miss seeing Mark ‘Lawro’ Lawrenson on our screens regularly. But just like Spam fritters, the nostalgia factor is almost certainly clouding our judgement. 3/10


Martin Keown

If stares and football opinions could kill, Martin Keown would be in a league of his own. 3/10


Roy Keane

As mentioned already, every line-up needs an old school pundit. And when Roy Keane is on the ITV sofa, it’s strictly business. The no-nonsense Irishman’s rants are a thing of venomous beauty and long may they continue. 7/10


Garth Crooks

Garth Crooks may now be restricted to BBC’s Final Score, but the great man still provides hours of intensity and a brilliantly baffling ‘Team of the Week’ on the Beeb website. The world of punditry needs more Crooks. 8/10


Well there we have it – our comprehensive run-down of all of TV’s football pundits. But who is your favourite? Are we too harsh on Sav from TV’s Sav & Fletch? Can anyone touch G-Nev? We want to know. So vote in our poll below and let us know in the comments below who you went for!

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