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Who Would Win In a Race Between 10 of the World's Fastest Animals?

While horses may have the endurance and are most regularly used during racing, cheetahs are often cited as the fastest land animals on the planet. So who really is the quickest land animal? Well, with Royal Ascot in full swing, the Betway Insider have come up with a cool video which shows who would win in a two-mile race between some of the fastest animals on the planet.

The fictional Betway Animal Kingdom Cup is set around the distance of the iconic Ascot racecourse, and pits 10 of the world’s fastest animals against each other over the two-mile, four-furlong (4,023 metres) track.

The ten speedy mammals involved in the prestigious Cup come from all across the globe, with the animated start list hailing from the likes of Namibia, Ireland and Australia. Every size and shape is represented too, with starters ranging from the Brown Hare to the Black Rhino, and the Ostrich to the Lion.

So who do you think wins? The reliability of the Horse? The raw pace of the Cheetah? Or will the Kangaroo’s ‘slow and steady always wins’ ethos win the day? Take a look at the awesome infographic below that delves into the facts and figures of each competitor as well as a selection of fictional odds to help you along the way. Then check out the Animal Kingdom Cup video to find out who comes out on top…

Which Wild Animal is the Fastest and Which Would Win a 2 Mile …

10 Animals – But Which Would Win a Race Round Royal Ascot?

Posted by Average Joes Blog on Thursday, 22 June 2017

Animal Kingdom Cup Infographic



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