If you have a slight interest in football, you would have heard about the on-going transfer saga of the summer.
No, not Wayne Rooney and David Moyes carrying on the beef Rooney had with Sir Alex Ferguson last season. Not even the future of Luis Suarez at Liverpool, no. This is the saga concerning the future of the brightest Welsh footballer since Ryan Giggs; Gareth Bale.

Why Gareth Bale Should Join Real Madrid

There’s been interest from Manchester United in the Welsh wonder but there’s only been one team in the running for the young man from Cardiff, and that team is arguably the biggest team in the world; Real Madrid.

I’m going to list 4 reasons as to why I think Tottenham Hotspur would be fools to refuse Bale a dream move to Los Blancos and why Bale would be foolish to even consider anything other than joining them.

The Money

The biggest lure for Spurs probably will be the money. If rumours are to be believed, at the time of writing (31/07/2013 – 21:27pm) Real Madrid have earlier today tabled a world record bid of £85 million for Gareth Bale.

This, for those that don’t know, is £5 million more than the fee they paid Manchester United back in 2009 for the man that is Cristiano Ronaldo. With that kind of money Spurs would be able to bring in at least three world class players, if not four. And some would argue they have already started replacing him.

Oh, I forgot to mention the wage increase that Bale would get by joining Madrid. At Spurs he’s earning £3.9 million a year or £75,000 a week. Real would quite easily be able to pay him at least £120,000 a week, if not more.

On top of this, remember when David Beckham joined Madrid in 2003? His name blew up, shirt sales went crazy and brand Beckham hopped up another level. This same opportunity is there for brand Bale too, though let’s not pretend he is as marketable as Becks!

The Fans

He’s wanted by the fans, we know that much. So does Real’s new £34 million signing Asier Illarramendi. He was presented to the crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu after his move from Real Sociedad and they chanted Bale’s name. If this isn’t something that would draw you to one of the biggest clubs in the world, then I don’t know what is.

Playing in the third biggest stadium in Europe, in front of 85,000+ fans every week who sing your name; the stuff dreams are made of. The nearest Bale could get to that in England is playing week in, week out at Wembley or Old Trafford and he won’t be joining United and no team is about to move into Wembley any time soon.


The Management Team

Real Madrid have just parted ways with the new Chelsea manager, José Mourinho and the man they got in to replace him is the former Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain manager, Carlo Ancelotti.

When a manager joins a new club, you would expect him to bring with him his own backroom staff, assistant manager and first team coach but Ancelotti only took one man with him from PSG, Paul Clement. Joining their coaching team fresh was none other than Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane.

For Bale to be working with this team and a team of coaches who have won nearly everything there is to win in domestic football, whether that be as a manager or a player, is a dream come true. This isn’t doubting Spurs manager André Villas-Boas as he’s a good coach and manager, but he’s not quite at the same level as Ancelotti is and he never reached the dazzling heights Zidane did as a player.

The Football

Everyone knows the style of football that Barcelona play and that’s what Real Madrid couldn’t be further from.
Real are a team known for their attacking prowess, for going at their opposition in a more direct fashion with players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Angel Di Maria. The opposing full-backs are never in for a quiet game.

Add to that players like Xabi Alonso and Mesut Özil who are the integral link and spraying balls around the park and with the quality of Benzema upfront, they’re a team who would suit Bale’s attacking, direct, style of play.

A lot of people ask where he’d play in a Real Madrid team and I think the fact that he almost doesn’t have a defined position, serves him well. He can play behind the striker or practically anywhere in the midfield whether that is on the right, left or in the centre.

To Conclude

So, to summarise, I think Gareth Bale would be stupid to turn Real Madrid down and I also think Spurs would be daft not to cash in on what is reported to be a world record fee.

They would, in my opinion, be stopping one of the brightest young talents in the world from progressing his career in football.

What do you think? Should Gareth Bale move on, or should he stay and afford Spurs one more season? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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